Catholic Husband Podcast

Catholic Husband Podcast

A short form podcast about marriage and family life.

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    I’m struggling. This experience has pointed out something obvious, but easily overcome.

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    Three Kids, No Backup

    Alison is back to work after several weeks on maternity leave and I’m home alone with three little kids.

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    Curious Kids

    My 4-year-old son, Benedict, recently showed an interest in video production. Kids are great the way that they let you know when they’re interested in something.

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    I always wax our family cars in April and October. I bought a special tool on Amazon to help me get the job done faster, but it didn’t work out.

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    Divine Mercy

    Divine Mercy Sunday is coming up this weekend. Here’s one idea for putting that mercy into action.

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    Five Years

    Five years ago this week, the Catholic Husband blog went live. There’s a lesson in there about the passing of time.

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    Raising little kids can be frustrating. One day they’re happy-go-lucky and the next, they’re in a constant meltdown. What can their moodiness teach us about ourselves?

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    Seasons are a fact of life. In our personal experience, we have our own kinds of seasons. In good seasons, all is well, but in challenging seasons, we feel afloat. How does God prepare us for the season that we’re in?

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    Data Loss

    My iPhone started having issues a few weeks ago. I finally decided to do a clean install of iOS, and in the process, lost a ton of valuable data. It reset my focus this lent.

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    Fr. Gus

    We moved to a new town last summer, and have settled into our new parish. My kids are really taken with our pastor. I talk about why.

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